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I contacted Jennifer Coburn and contracted with her to find leads for me personally as an independant janitorial sales rep and unfortunately I paid her fee of $360 up front. The contract I signed stated that she would supply me with a minimum 12-16 appointments: The Contractor was to conduct (30-40 HOURS) over the course of (4 WEEKS) This includes cold calling, lead generation, reports and analysis, and administrative work. 12-16 appointments are guaranteed within the completion of the campaign. A refund of half of the payment was guaranteed to be refunded if she didn't provide the 12-16 leads.

As of this date, I have contacted her several times and have seen absolutely, NO RESULTS, nor have I received any refund. What I have received is excuse after excuse from this person. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON HER UNDER JC CONSULTING, JENNIFER COBURN OR EAST COAST TELEMARKETING. As of today, there are 10 complaints against her under JC Consulting with the Better Business Bureau and then I filed one last week under the name of East Coast Telemarketing.

Once Ms. Coburn returned my email, she agreed that I was due a refund and said she would send it out on December 1. When I didn't receive it shortly thereafter, she claims that she sent it out December 5th. Once I started filing fraud complaints on her and her company, she emails me and says that she is cancelling the refund, which she still never sent out.

Now she claims that she had set appointments for me and has threatened to sue me for harassment and slander. She is trying to reverse the rolls and saying she is the victim. Basically, she is trying to save face since her company and her fraudulent scam has been uncovered and brought to the public's attention.

This woman is a chronic obsessive liar, cheat and fraud.

Monetary Loss: $360.

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I have had the same EXACT story using Jennifer Coburn. Consumers beware.


If you have been a victum of Jennier Coburn or East Coast Marketing Or JCMH Marketing Help me put a Stop to her.

Log on to This face book and post your rip off story Face Book Pass this along/!/eastcoasttelemarktingfraud

ALSO email me @

I started this crucade because I two was a victim. Help Bring her down. Request as a friend if you are a victim together we can stop her. Also write about he on craiglist,linkin,and twitter.


As of today, December 16, 2011 the above person making the complaint was given a full refund.


Good Try Jennifer -

Grade of "D" with the Better Business Bureau with 10 complaints in South FLorida. East Coast Telemarketing and Jennifer Coburn is also being investigated by the Attorney Generals in North Carolina and Florida as well as many other agencies, so you don't have to believe me just check for yourselves before doing business with East Coast Telemarketing and Jennifer Coburn.

Jennifer A. Coburn, East Coast Telemarketing and JC Consulting is a fraudulent company scamming on the internet. She solicits her services on Craigslist. She fails to perform her duties and then fails to return the money as her contract states. Be aware!


Sorry but i beg to differ. I'm a current client of Jennifer's and she's done nothing but get me sales for my insurance company. We hired her over the summer and after we saw some results, we increased the campaign to more hours. I close at least 50% of the appointments she brings in, which is around 8 a week, sometimes more.

After speaking with her today, she notified me of this jacka** posting all over the internet and have to sit back and laugh! You can't expect someone to get their money back after they started talking badly about the company. That's shooting yourself in the foot! What an ***!

I have several of my own clients who will be using her in the new year also. I will continue to be in her defense until she proves otherwise and I doubt it will!

What this guy is doing is just plain ruthless and cold hearted. Regardless that's its the holidays, its still wrong and completely false.

This guy is just out to hurt people, but one day it will *** him in the a**!!!

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